God Manifest in the Flesh – Willie Mullan

God manifest in the flesh,

Oh wonder to behold,
Creative power within the breast
That felt the blast of cold.
God in our likeness made,
Oh may we understand,
The one who made the wondering world.
Appeared as lowly man.

He stood within the realm,
He fashioned with a thought.
His creatures looked upon Him.
Alas they knew Him not,
They cried out for his blood,
His claims cast out as dross,
They spat upon His princely face.
And nailed Him to a cross,

But he made the tree of that cross of wood,
And He made the hill upon which the cross stood,
And in some hidden vein of land,
He made the steel that pierced each hand,

He made the Sun to hide its face,
He made the people of that race,
Who in their hatred knew Him not,
The very Christ, the Son of God.

And there on the cross, Jesus made His way.
Back to Himself Eternally.

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